Training center

GMC Training Center

GMC training center is an internal educational program whose main goal is the education and selection of new employees, as well as additional education and training of those already employed.
The training centre has an advanced training program that includes theoretical and practical training with excellent experts and instructors. The results are a that we have in short period of time qualified and trained personnel ready to work after completing the training. The expected duration of this training is up to four weeks.

The training centre provides training consisting of:

-Advanced safety at work: theoretical and practical part with the use of safety equipment that includes training work at height

-Assembler training: theoretical training with practical training that includes assembly on the ground, module lifting and assembly at height

-Welder training: theoretical training using a welding simulator with practical part using a professional welding machine

-Training for the operators: theoretical and practical training on scissor lift, forklift, telescopic forklift, boom lift, etc.

-Administrator training on the construction site

-Training of foremen on the construction site

-Group leader training on the construction site

GMC training center is approved IPAF training center