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Automated high racking warehouses

Automated high racking warehouses consist of rackings which are installed on the concrete reinforced board and their function is not only to carry weight of materials stored but also the weight of roofing and walls. These systems are created for automated storage and retrieval of parts and items in manufacturing, distribution retail, wholesale and institutions.

The benefits of smart store systems are numerous. They imply: reduced labor for material handling, time management optimization, cost effective material management and maximum space savings.

With more than 400 trained and experienced assemblers and project managers our installation projects are performed with the utmost accuracy, precision and in the accordance with all safety demands in position while meeting short deadlines and specific installation requirements.

Dimensions of the warehouse that we install can range from 20 to 150m with capacity from several thousands to over 65.000 pallets and weights over 7.000.000 kg.


Investor: LEGO, Mexico

Dimensions 110/75/22,

Total kg: 4.500.000,

Number of boxes: 675.000

Panels m2: 15.000,

Number of workers: 30,

Construction year: 2016/2017.

Investor: LIDL, Spain

Dimensions 110/120/43,

Total kg: 6.200.000,

Number of pallets: 65.000

Panels m2: 37.000,

Number of workers: 40,

Construction year: 2017.

Investor: SOFIDEL, USA

Dimensions d 150/120/27,

Total kg: 4.000.000

Number of pallets: 60.000,

Panels m2: 28.000,

Number of editors: 60,

Construction year: 2017/2018.

Investor: PSAG, Argentina

Dimensions: 94/52/22,

Number of boxes: 16.016,

Number of workers: 20,

Construction year: 2017/2018.

Investor: CONTER, Italy

Investor: CARLSBERG, Denmark

Investor: DULEVO, Italy

Investor: GEODIS, Italy

Investor: J.JAMES, Australia

Investor: SEPALUMIC, France